Policy and Position Papers

Enabling Research with Publicly Accessible Platform Data: Early DSA Compliance Issues and Suggestions for Improvement

To provide the Commission and Digital Services Coordinators with insights for their oversight work, this paper offers an analysis of early experiences with Article 40(12) data access requests and suggestions for improvement. It is based on conversations with researchers and on data collected through the DSA 40 Data Access Tracker.

What the Scientific Community Needs from Data Access under Art. 40 DSA: 20 Points on Infrastructures, Participation, Transparency, and Funding

This policy paper aims to inform the expected Delegated Act of the EU Commission as well as the legislative process for the German Digital Services Act (Digitale Dienste Gesetz) and to formulate necessities from the perspective of platform researchers. This perspective is of utmost importance, as research on systemic risks depends on the expertise of scientific actors.